We provide company formation and residence application in Serbia. Form a company and apply for Serbian residency together with your family. Start a new immigrant life in Serbia now!

Serbian company formation and residence application
Running a stable business makes you eligible to live in Serbia. Just put forward your business idea and necessary investment, we can help you realize it.

Our “Serbian company formation” program includes the following services:

Company registration (register with the Chamber of Commerce and all other competent authorities)
Opening a bank account-including assistance in choosing the bank that suits your company and determining the bank account in which currency is needed

Registered office for one year-complete mail forwarding to ensure that all official mail reaches you and your accountant

Business Plan – Prove that your business idea is feasible and will actually generate substantial income; this is essential for a successful residency application
Director’s personal tax number and social security number
Application for residence of directors and their family members (ie spouse and minor children).
This covers all the basic needs of the new Serbian company and allows you to take the first step towards a successful business in Serbia. However, in your new business and new life, you may also need some other things.

Company accounting-to ensure that the company complies with local regulations, and that all account books are properly kept, transaction records are clear, and invoices are issued correctly.
Housing search: When applying for residency, you need to provide an address in Serbia. We can help you find suitable accommodation for you and your family. You can choose a permanent house or a rental house according to your needs.

Office search: If you and your employees need your own Serbian headquarters.
Employee search: Find the people who can make the most of your business.
Are you interested

Starting a new life is always a huge investment. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss the details and get a quote that suits your specific needs. We are happy to help you and help you embark on a new life in Serbia.

Contact us now to learn more about setting up a company in Serbia!