Many people seeking suitable jobs have not shy away from retraining and certification, or even returning to their home countries. This applies to people from Serbia and foreigners willing to move to any country. In your opinion, what is the ideal job in Serbia? What are the ideal job opportunities in Serbia?

Serbian jobs
When it comes to work in Serbia, the services provided are diverse and seek out people of different professions and professions. It can be said that only those who are not looking for a job can really find a job, especially when talking about finding a job in Belgrade. However, many factors affect the decision on employment. Some job opportunities in Serbia pay more and offer more decent working conditions than others, so they are logically more attractive, but there is a risk of increased competition. On the other hand, I have been looking for handicraft jobs, but in Serbia, regardless of wage levels and working conditions, there is a lack of such labor.

Although we all aspire to get an ideal job that involves our talented, educated and skilled work, sufficient financial remuneration and other personal satisfaction jobs, many people still treat the Serbs well (or Any) job opportunity is satisfied, which means that a job provides them with such a survival and future, and there is no conflict with their life, work and other rights and beliefs.

Job opportunities in Serbia
In this day and age, hardly anyone talks about security of any kind, but it is certain that there are higher-paying jobs, which is why they are considered as high-level Serbian job opportunities. Some of the most paid and seeking employment opportunities, I believe that the potential ideal Serbia employment opportunities, of course, are those in the field of information and communication technology, as well as in the fields of engineering, medicine, aviation, finance, advertising, market research,…

If you are preparing for high-quality job opportunities in Serbia, there are various job fairs as well as recruitment and headhunting venues. The most important thing when applying for a job is to have a positive attitude and strong confidence, to give a potential employer a good first impression, he will recognize your qualities, and then be able to use your skills and abilities in the work.

Serbia jobs in Belgrade
When it comes to jobs in Belgrade (the largest city in the country), it can be assumed that the job opportunities here are the greatest, but not necessarily! Some analyses indicate that because Belgrade’s labor market is quite large and highly competitive, it is easier to find a job in western Serbia and Vojvodina, which is actually not the case in smaller cities.

In Belgrade, Serbia and other Serbian cities, some of the most ideal employers are foreign or multinational companies. They are generally regarded as those who provide better working conditions and higher-paying jobs, but the most important thing is-compared with domestic private or state-owned companies, the working environment and interpersonal relationships are better. Most foreign companies have a clearer organization and a more organized hierarchical system. Work is divided according to different departments, and the duties and responsibilities of each employee are accurately determined. Another advantage of working in a foreign company is that you can achieve career advancement, various incentives and rewards.

Jobs for foreigners in Serbia
When it comes to work in Serbia, especially Belgrade, multinational companies that open representative offices here are becoming more and more popular. The attractiveness of a particular company depends on many factors, in addition to the ideal employment conditions mentioned above-a safe working environment and good treatment of employees by the management, as well as the company’s status and reputation, also seriously affect the company’s visibility and demand for work.

Foreign companies mainly bring their own managers into Serbian leadership positions. Therefore, highly-skilled foreigners have better opportunities to hold senior positions in Serbia. All foreigners with secondary education can find jobs and trade in the catering industry. The condition is that the employer cannot find enough labor in the domestic market. However, the work provided for foreigners in Serbia also has certain legal restrictions and obligations.

If foreigners want to work in Serbia, they must have a temporary or permanent residence permit and a work permit. As far as work permits are concerned, work provided for foreigners in Serbia requires a self-employed work permit (personal work permit) or an employment work permit. In both cases, foreigners can only perform work for which they have obtained permission. Individual work permits can be issued to people who have permanent residency, refugee status or seek asylum or some type of protection in the country. In the case of family reunification, this type of work permit can also be issued, thereby providing the possibility of self-employment or free employment for specific jobs in Serbia. The second type of work permit is to hire a foreigner who has temporary residence in Serbia at the request of the employer. The foreigner’s residence period does not exceed the length of stay, and the permit period can be extended. In any case, a foreigner with permanent or permanent residency has the same rights, obligations and obligations as any other employee of the same company!