To immigrate to Serbia, you must first understand Serbia’s tax system. Serbia’s tax system belongs to the jurisdiction with the lowest tax rate in Europe. This is important information for everyone who wants to start a new business, especially considering the tax rates in other European jurisdictions. The average corporate tax rate in Europe is 22.5%, which makes Serbia one of the traditionally more favorable countries. The old tax havens can no longer serve their purpose, but the popular alternatives mean you will have to give up most of your profits? Do you want to pay less tax? Welcome to Serbia! The WTS team can be your new tax advisory assistant. We cover all the necessary parts to grow your business.

Tax consulting can promote corporate tax strategies and optimize tax liabilities, thereby reducing tax risks:


We cover personal income tax, corporate income tax, value-added tax, property tax, and annual personal income tax. The purpose is to optimize tax expenditures, reduce tax risks and manage tax procedures in a professional manner.

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